Prime minister leading a coalition government dismissing a member of the government without discussing with political partners first

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Romania still does not have a full government following the crisis started in September. Back then, the prime minister (with the approval from the president) quickly dismissed a member of the government:

Romania's liberal prime minister Florin Cîţu dismissed Stelian Ion, a
member of the junior coalition partner USR-PLUS, from his post, as
justice minister.

USR PLUS Chairman Dacian Cioloș provided some details related to this episode, but he also mentioned that dismissing a member of a coalition government without consulting the affected party is nowhere to be seen in the European Union[citation needed].

In Romania, the prime minister has the power to directly propose the dismissal of any member of the government, but approval from the president is required.

I am wondering if Dacian Cioloș is right? Has any similar case ever happened within an EU country (except Romania) in the last 20 years or so? The exact dismissal mechanism is not important, I am interested in any dismissal that was done without consulting the appropriate political party.

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  • November 4, 2021