Presidential Election via STV?

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STV when talking about voting systems stands for Single Transferable Vote.

Is it even possible to fairly elect a president via STV?

Representatives, yes, but a president?

Here is what I think would happen in a country with United States and a president where voting is via STV:

First off, there would be elections in every city of a county where people above a certain age rank the candidates when they vote.

For counting the votes there would be a threshold of 33% and votes would be counted the way it is in STV until there are 3 city electors left.

The process is repeated with the city electors when it comes to county elections resulting in 3 county electors.

Same with the county electors in the state elections and there being 3 state electors.

Then the process is similar with the states but every state votes for 2 candidates so the threshold is 50%.

Then the state electors' votes are counted and the one with the majority of votes becomes president and the one with the second largest percentage becomes vice president.

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But would this be fair to the citizens(having a majority of the citizens prefer the president elected over the other presidential candidates and same for the vice president)? And if not, what is the best way to fairly elect a president and vice president because I have watched CGP Grey's videos on voting systems and I realized that STV has the most advantages without abolishing ranges.

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  • January 26, 2018