Post structuralism and media frames on the KAP of individuals [closed]

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Since climate change has intensified throughout the years, states and governments are doing their best in mitigating or in a way, adapt to the impacts of the phenomenon. We, humans, are highly aware that climate change is happening, but contrary to our awareness of such issue, there is little knowledge about the policies aimed at preventing it. Because of this, I have wondered if our knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) towards the policies is affected by the problem (climate change) and solutions' (climate change policies) exposure in the media?

As we all know, each media outlet (broadcasting companies in tv or radio, newspapers, books, and articles) have their own way in painting or in this sense, framing climate change and climate change related policies. Some use pictures, data or figures, to let its audience know the severity of the issue while sometimes, they don't cover climate change policies because of its complexity or worse, inferiority towards other pressing matters.

Where I live, I rarely hear broadcasting stations discuss about climate change policies on air so I am shocked that my country is doing quite well in fighting climate change. Because of media framing, it generates new knowledge and information towards the issue and sometimes challenges our pre-existing ideas and attitudes towards the phenomenon. For example, I asked my colleague about his knowledge of climate change, he was able to detail greenhouse gas emissions, severe flooding etc., owing it to videos he watched online. However, when it comes to climate change policies, resources were scarce.

My last point now pertains to the connection with poststructuralism. In general, my understanding of poststructuralism is how it argues that the truth is subjective, it breaks the barriers of defined binaries and language plays an important part in influencing meaning-making. However, language is only one component as there is also culture, our senses etc. Now, can the theory be used to explain how media frames affect our KAP towards climate change policies or is it an overstretch?

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  • July 24, 2022