Palestine-to-be — preventing another failed Arab state [closed]

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The current Palestinian regimes cannot be considered good for the Palestinian people.

The PA is run by the Fatah oligarchy; it brutally cracks down on all opposition, persecutes minorities, and has transformed the people under its control to welfare citizens, 80% of whom depend on foreign aid. It is widely regarded as highly corrupt. It survives only because it is the largest employment provider in the area (UNRWA is a close second), because of its repression, and because it cooperates with and receives support from Israeli security forces.

It's only saving grace might be that it's not as bad as Hamas, a terror organization turned de facto government, which prioritizes the destruction of Israel by any means -- even violent ones -- far above the interests of its own people. Its primary sponsor is Iran, meaning its stability is also strongly influenced by the Iran regime's stability; it's push for a strict version of sharia law means a corresponding degredation of women and minority rights.

Neither regime offers a promising model for some vehicle for Palestinian self-determination. Nor do any of the local nations -- war-torn Syria? Lebanon with its broken economy? Jordan's Hashemite minority monarchy? Egypt ruled by Sisi and the military?

Given that Palestinians have a right to self-determination, what guarantees can Palestinians offer their own people and the world that the future vehicle for Palestinian self-determination won't go down the same paths as the existing Palestinian regimes and Arab states?

Or, what steps could the Palestinians take today to enable them to make such guarantees?

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  • August 16, 2021