Minimizing civilian casualties during the siege of Mariupol?

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What are the best practices of minimizing civilian casualties in cities under siege, as applied to the siege of Mariupol?

I am looking for best practices from the perspective of world civilians, including civilians inside and outside of Mariupol. So please, no answers advocating WWIII to help Mariupol civilians.
Realistic scenarios only, please!


Could humanitarian aid be provided in Mariupol through the air? (refers only to help through the air, which is a subset of the current question)
What is the purpose of the siege of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol by the Russian invaders? (some general info useful to answer the current question)
What is the rationale of Russian troops not allowing civilians to evacuate from the encircled cities? (still more info)
Siege of Mariupol (Wikipedia page on the subject, lots of info)


Answers supported by references are preferred, historical references are highly appreciated.
Please be mostly objective and friendly, and follow the Help Center guidance.

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