Military Equipment left in Afghanistan – US or ANA property?

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Lots of the media (news sites and social) is talking about all of the equipment left in Afghanistan. Lots of the discussion (and confusion) is about generally how "The USA just left billions of dollars of our equipment for the Taliban to take."

From my understanding this is misleading. Do we know how much equipment was actually still property of the USA? Since the US hasn't been in a combat role in Afghanistan for over 7 years, from what I gather, lots (most?) actually belonged (legally) to the ANA. So while the equipment itself might be American/American made, it was not ours to take back or otherwise destroy.

How much of the equipment the Taliban seized belonged to the Afghan Government/ANA vs the US? Are there any good sources that are tracking this?

Edit: I apologize for the lack of clarity. I'm currently seeing reports and social media posts, some anger is directed at the fact that the Taliban is now in possession of lots of military weapons and equipment that the US brought in (e.g. M4 rifles, humvees, body armor, etc). "Why would the USA just abandon all this, instead of taking out of Afghanistan so it doesn't fall in their hands." is the basic gist of the argument. However, from what I've read is that lots of the equipment/weapons wasn't property of the USA to take back - it was given/sold to the Afghan Government/National Army in the months/years before this pullout.

So of the equipment we are seeing the Taliban use, do we know how what/how was left directly by USA forces, and how much was abandoned/surrendered by the ANA?

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  • August 26, 2021