Limits to what the Jan 6 House Select Committee can share w/ US DOJ due to the methods and ways it was collected?

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I can't remember it exactly now, but a few months ago I'd read about the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack collecting some information or testimony that felt to me like the Department of Justice could not have collected without first having probable cause. I'm no legal expert, it just felt that way.

I was reminded of that today hearing committee member Mark Kinsinger answer a question towards the end of CNN's May 18, 2022 Kinzinger calls out GOP leaders for tolerating White replacement theory after about 05:16 (my transcription):

CNN: Let me ask you a little bit about the business of the January 6th Committee. We learned that the Justice Department has asked your committee for transcripts of some of the interviews that you have all done. How do you feel about that and will those be handed over?

Kinsinger: Well I think the Chairman recently addressed this and I'll defer specifically to his words, but I think they were along the lines of... "you know, look, we're not going to specifically turn it over to the Department of Justice, there's some issues there, but we're certainly going to find ways to make sure they know what is in the material, that they get the answers they need. I'm in line with cooperating with the DOJ one hundred percent. I'll just defer to the Chairman to figure out the technicalities.

I can imagine a scenario where information the DOJ could not have independently obtained could be still obtained either by voluntary transfer from the committee or in response to a DOJ subpoena, and wonder if this could be seen as a back-door and potentially illegal. So to understand these issues better I'd like to start by asking:

Question: Are there limits to what the January 6 House Select Committee can share w/ US Department of Justice due to the methods and ways in which it was collected?

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