Legality of NATO countries freezing assets of friends and family of Putin

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May 09, 2022 04:09 PM 0 Answers
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Ignoring people such as Russian government members and Russian parliament members, I am asking about the legality of the freezing the assets (where susceptible to such freezes) of people who are family, friends or girlfriends of key Russians. Was due process followed in each of the key NATO members (USA, UK, EU etc)? All I can easily find in the media is announcements of such freezes. What sort of laws or International law cover such actions?

Is there any information about when and under what circumstances the freezes would be lifted?

Further suggestions of confiscating such assets are yet another topic I am not raising here.

I remember that after the First World War, the victors were punctilious about restoring assets to individual Germans and companies (not to the German state). For example, paying royalties on German patents on weapons technology that the victors "borrowed" to defeat the Germans.

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