Israeli forces killed a lady journalist. Isn't it a attack on democratic voice?

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May 12, 2022 02:53 AM 0 Answers
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Yesterday, Israeli forces shockingly assassinated in cold blood a lady journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, 51 years old, who used to work as reporter for Al Jazeera News Channel. She was very hard working journalist. But we just lost one more democratic voice. We all know now a days throughout the world fascism is rising and journalism is being dominated.
This is not new. The world have seen that the Israeli forces violently harassed ground reporters and last year Israeli missile demolished a media house consisting of several media in Palestine-See here

But survival of media is very important in this fascism era. Unfortunately, most of the not covering this shocking news properly. Most media house just mentioning "Al Jazeera report was killed during Israeli raid in Gaza". But didn't mention that it was cold blood killing or assassination. It seems that most media are biased and can not speak against fascism or they are selective. But don't forget that if we tolerate fascism today, we will get the same fate for ourselves.

The question-

Why aren't the media showing solidarity and speaking against this democratic attack by Israeli forces ? How long


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