Isn't banning Russian athletes from international competitions against the rules of politics? Shouldn't politics be separate from sport? [closed]

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These days we hear that FIFA, UEFA, and other sports federations are boycotting Russian athletes because of the Russian federation war against Ukraine. I always thought that the discussion of sports is separate from politics because the politicians of a country are not always a reflection of the people of that country. Isn't there a one-sided opposition here to the Russian sports community? Let me explain more, please.

Take a look at the situation in Palestine-Israel, for example. Israel started the war against the unarmed Palestinians and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been killed to this day; the United Nations and also a number of different countries have always condemned the Israeli attacks and the occupation of various areas of Palestine. But we do not see such a thing for Israel due to the support of the United States. If an Arab athlete refuses to compete against an Israeli, he will face bad consequences.

Isn't banning Russian athletes from international competitions against the current rules of politics? Why should such sanctions be imposed only on Russia? And as far as I know, before this case, the sport of a country had not been subject to such heavy sanctions.

What is the big difference here?

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  • March 1, 2022