Is ZEDE Honduras being ran explicitly for profit?

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In Since VOC and EIC, have there been countries run explicitly for profit?

I asked if a country is explicitly run for profit.

Many put horrible samples like Free Congo Republic and so on.

However, that was a long time ago. That was a time where genocide, slavery, and war was very common. That was a time where a libertarian country is simply impractical.

Today, assuming that countries do not attack one another, most countries are closer to libertarian anyway. Competition among countries mean any country raising too much tax, for example, will have jobs, investments, and other productive elements to move to another country.

So, even if a country has a ruler, that ruler may want to be much more benign. I may be wrong.

Then I read about ZEDE Prospera. It's one of zone for economic and employment.

It seems that the way it works is that it's similar with typical large developers. Usually, developers would buy large land from a country, in the hope of making profit after building infrastructure.

What makes ZEDE different is they seem to do more than buying land. It seems that they get more autonomy.

However, the fact that they are similar to real estate developers suggest that they are capitalists wanting reasonable and fair profit from their effort.

Is that so?

If so, how is it structured?

Is it run by a corporation? Is the corporation a publicly traded company? Are they trying to max out the difference between their small tax revenue and cost of running government?


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  • October 26, 2022