Is this expression displayed by protestors antisemitic?

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Dec 14, 2020 12:08 AM 0 Answers
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Reading the news after four people were stabbed in protester-counterprotester clashes in Washington, DC — this image from — I came across this potentially offensive picture:

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It's pretty clear that these are very far-left protesters. "Black Lives Matter," and the more radical "Ch**** la Migra," "Defund the Police," and "We keep us safe" signs make that pretty obvious.

However, what I'm confused about is the center sign — "Jews will replace you." I'm not familiar with that phrase, but it sounds (at least to me, a non-Jewish person) very, very antisemitic. It seems more in tune with the Proud Boys and other groups on the opposing side, bringing to mind all those crazy conspiracy theories of Zionism and George Soros and Jews controlling the world. I… guess it can be interpreted as radically anti-antisemitic, but it really doesn't sound like that.

Although the person holding the shield is clearly a counterprotester, and antisemitism is not really what they're famous for. Is this is the latter interpretation then?

But what I'm asking here is what that expression usually means. Is this exact phrase used often, or was it invented with that painted shield? If the former, is it used more often in an antisemitic context or is it meant to strongly oppose antisemitism? Why would an ostensibly far-left counterprotester show it when many of the far-right protesters they are countering (especially the Proud Boys, various other groups, and anyone seen with a "white power" gesture) believe in exactly that?

I realize I'm dealing with an especially delicate subject here. Please tell me if there is anything even remotely offensive with this post, or even if there are any awful grammar issues here, and correct them. Thank you in advance.

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  • December 14, 2020