Is there a ranking of countries' freedom of speech for non-journalists?

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I know Reporters Without Borders compiles a Press Freedom Index, but this is not the same thing as freedom of speech for non-journalists. Is there another ranking that specifically addresses the latter?

I think the Press Freedom Index is not a good indicator of non-journalists' freedom of speech. For example the UK ranks above the US on the index, but the UK has hate speech laws which are increasingly being used to arrest people for anti-migration tweets. Meanwhile in the US, hate speech is protected by the first amendment. Also, in UK libel law places the burden of proof on the defendant, while the US places the burden of proof on the prosecution. Several other countries ranking even higher than the UK also have hate speech laws and stricter libel laws than the US. The most important aspect of freedom of speech is not getting arrested for political speech, but several countries that routinely arrest non-journalists for political speech are ranked in the top 20 by that index, so I need a different index.

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  • November 19, 2018