Is there a political faction in Russia publicly advocating for an immediate ceasefire?

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Analogous to the corresponding question about Ukraine:

All the official news coverage I've seen have indicated most of Russia is determined in continued fighting in Ukraine, saying things like that they will extend territorial claims and are not finished with the war.

Still, the picture might be misleading because Russia can and does suppress opposition quite heavily, not only since the introduction of the law forbidding any criticism of the official position on the war (well you could not legally call it that in Russia). This might hint at that there is a faction within Russia that's in favor of collaborating with Ukraine, and by implication in favor of an immediate ceasefire.

Is there any indication that there is a political faction in Russia (in Parliament or otherwise organized) favoring an immediate ceasefire and publicly advocating it? If not, what about the Russian population at large? As I understand it Russia has criminalized collaboration with Ukraine (which by their definition includes expression of resistance against the war or even calling it as such), hence if such a faction exists I imagine it'll either be underground or among Russian exiles.

I'm referring to Russians who think Russia should implement an immediate ceasefire and say so, but don't identify as Ukrainian (e.g. by taking up Ukrainian citizenship) and will choose to remain Russian afterwards.

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