Is the title and royal seal of a monarch modified if the Queen has the same name as her predecesing king?

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In the United Kingdom, there exists a couple main signifiers for the monarch. The first is the title, chosen from a slate of first names. The second is the seal, written like "E II R" surmounted by a crown for the late Queen Elizabeth II. This signifies "Elizabeth II Regina".

I was wondering how the title and seal change for a King who has the same name as his hier apparent first born daughter. Consider the following scenario:

  1. King Wallace I reigns over the United Kingdom and other dominions.
  2. King Wallace's oldest daughter is also named Wallace.
  3. King Wallace dies, thus his daughter Wallace immediately ascends the throne and decides to take the name Wallace as well.

If #3 is the monarch's title and seal affected?
Is it "Queen Wallace II" and "W II R" respectively? Or is it "Queen Wallace I" with a seal of "W I R"?

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  • September 25, 2022