Is the political identity of contemporary Palestinian Arabs a byproduct of anti-Semites in Europe?

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Pursuant to a question about the philosophy of Zionism and its position on the political and cultural identity of the Palestinians, it has been claimed that the Palestinian identity is a recent invention by anti-Semites in Europe:

Zionism has nothing to say about the Palestinians. A number of Zionists have exposed the political fiction, invented by anti-Semitic Europeans in the mid 20th century that the Palestinians were a distinct ethnic group. This allowed them to accuse Israel of racism, even though by any objective measure, ethnic Jews are of the same race as the ethnic Palestinians. In fact, the Palestinians are ethnically and culturally indistinguishable from the people of Syria and Jordan. – David Gudeman

Now, I have provided two sources that dispute that claim:

  1. The 11 Biggest Myths about Israel-Palestine which labels such claims Myth #5.
  2. Encyclopedia Britannica which refers to "Palestinian Arabs":

In the last years of the 19th century and the early years of the 20th, the Palestinian Arabs shared in a general Arab renaissance. Palestinians found opportunities in the service of the Ottoman Empire... The population of Palestine, predominantly agricultural, was about 690,000 in 1914 (535,000 Muslims; 70,000 Christians, most of whom were Arabs; and 85,000 Jews).

Does the Arab Palestinian political identity (self-claims about identity, representation, and the right to self-determination) predate the 1940's and the formation of modern Israel, or is the claim that Arab Palestinian identity was a recent innovation in opposition to the creation of the nation-state of Israel?

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  • April 17, 2022