Is the Michigan congressional map adopted by the state's redistricting commission compliant with the VRA's majority-minority district requirement?

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The map that was adopted in Michigan's congressional map seems to have reduced the black population in some districts in a way that looks like it may be a violation of federal law. I am specifically referring to the 2 districts that have the highest numerical value which are located in the Detroit area. As they were previously drawn in the 2010 map, the majority of districts were majority Black, with the 13th and 14th districts having 56% of their population self-identify as Black.

However, the 538 tracker shows that in the map adopted, the black population in each district was significantly reduced and appears to no longer be a majority of the district's voting age population. I have two questions: are the 2 formerly majority Black districts majority-Black voting age population as in the last map, and if not, are these maps legal?

Note: this is not a Law stack exchange question because it is covering a political issue that intersects with the law.

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  • December 28, 2021