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Is it known who replaces whom on SCOTUS if there are two vacancies?

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Jun 28, 2018 01:48 AM 0 Answers
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Speculation is that Clarence Thomas may also retire while Republicans hold the Presidency, presumably to ensure his replacement is a Republican-appointed Judge.

Let's assume that happens soon, and there would exist two simultaneous vacancies on SCOTUS, and President nominates two judges to fill those vacancies on the same exact day.

Is there an (1) option or (2) requirement, for him, to spell out specifically which of the two nominees replaces which of the two vacating Judges (assuming neither vacancy is that of Chief Justice)?


To clarify the question since someone VTCed as "unclear what was asked":

If there are two simultaneous Associate Justice vacancies on the Supreme court and two people being nominated to fill those vacancies by President, is there anything that:

  1. Allows the President to specify which of the two nominees is designated for which of the two vacancies?

  2. If yes, is there anything that requires the President to do so or is it optional?

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