Is it common to ban foreign ownership of media companies?

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Polish channel TVN24 was in the news recently over an attempt to force it to change owners:

The draft bill, which was submitted to Parliament on July 7 by a group
of PiS lawmakers, would amend Article 35 of the Broadcasting Act to
bar companies which are majority-owned by entities from outside the
European Economic Area (EEA) from owning more than a more than 49%
stake in Polish media.

TVN24 and its parent company TVN have been 100% owned by U.S.-based
Discovery, Inc. since 2015 through a subsidiary registered in the
Netherlands, to meet current requirements under Polish law. If
approved, the new regulation would strengthen those restrictions to
ban Discovery from owning TVN through its Dutch subsidiary.

This means Discovery would have six months to adjust and could be
faced with selling 51% of its stakes in TVN, which is valued at around
$1 billion. If it did not, TVN’s channels such as TVN24 could be
stripped of their media licenses by the National Broadcasting Council

Similar restrictions were in place until 2013 in the US but they've since been repealed. Are there other countries with similar rules of media ownership?

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  • August 10, 2021