Is it a “China's final warning” to U.S.A or it is serious? [closed]

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`"China's final warning" is a Russian proverb that originated in the former Soviet Union, to refer to a warning that carries no real consequences.

"American military fighter jets regularly patrolled the Taiwan Strait, which led to formal protests being regularly lodged by the Chinese Communist Party in the form of a "final warning", for their fighter maneuvers in the strait. However, no real consequences were given for ignoring the "final warnings".....More than 900 Chinese "final warnings" had been issued by the end of 1964. Hence the quote!"

So, my question is,

Is it same this time? Or China will take some serious action against Taiwan or U.S.A or both?

If so, then what kind of actions will China take against U.S.A and Taiwan? Economic sanctions (likely on Taiwan not possible on U.S.A), stopping trade, political/diplomatic, cyber warfare etc.

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  • August 3, 2022