Is is possible for the US to re-invade Afghanistan after Taleban take over? [closed]

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The US took down the Taleban regime in a matter of a few months. It then spent decades fighting them, because it essentially became a guerilla war against an invisible enemy, a war costly in money and souls, and a war the US surely lost. Now the US is retreating, and Taleban is emerging again and easily taking back control.

While I don't blame the US for this last part (the blame lies entirely on the shockingly corrupt/incompetent/pathetic Afghan army), I do think it's a bit odd that the US spent 20 years willingly fighting a losing guerilla war.

Would it not have been much smarter to have retreated earlier on (say, when Osama was killed), then let Taleban take over, and then re-invade to take them out again, now that they're all out in the open, and not hiding in mountains?

I mean, why would you willingly fight a war where you are out in the open and your enemy is hiding, when all you need to do is take a step back, wait for your enemy to come out, and then strike?

It reminds me of fishing. You don't fish by jumping into the deep waters trying to catch the fish bare handed, you just sit calmly on your boat, use some bait, and wait for them to come right to you.

With that in mean, could this be a possible strategic attempt by the US to lure out Taleban, let them take back control, and then invade again?

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  • August 15, 2021