Is free speech declining in the Western countries? [closed]

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Some time ago I have watched a discussion between two professors who argued that free speech is on the decline in Western countries (examples were mostly provided for US and UK), but no clear studies references were provided.


I tried to find out more about this topic and found the following relevant articles:

Our results show that taking offense is a common experience and that a
sizable number of students are in favor of restricting speech on
. We also find evidence for conformity pressures on campus and
that both the desire to restrict speech and the reluctance to speak
openly differ significantly across political ideology. Left-leaning
students are less likely to tolerate controversial viewpoints and
right-leaning students are more likely to self-censor on politically
sensitive issues such as gender, immigration, or sexual and ethnic
minorities. Although preliminary, these findings may have implications
for the social sciences and academia more broadly.

I am interested if there is any broader study about this topic for a Western country (US, Canada, UK, etc.).

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  • July 24, 2021