Is expecting no bias possible and/or logical?

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Most people employed in the media industry subscribe to the notion that their reporting is- or at least should be, free of political bias. On a simple level that would mean not to have their content appear to favor any party or political philosophy over the other. However, to take a extreme example, when writing a story about a murder no one would expect the reporter to be "objective" and not slant toward being sympathetic toward the victim and opposing the perpetrator. On a lower level of this same idea would apply to a story about someone who drives drunk and causes others to die because of his own negligence. Now if my personal beliefs are that a specific party indirectly causes people to die because they don't support universal healthcare or because they are soft on violent crime, I am in effect putting them on the spectrum closer toward the above mentioned drunk driver. Accordingly it should not be logical to expect any human to be objective about important issues.
The only way this should theoretically be possible is if there were some mechanism or process for a person to be able to separate what he/she feels to be policies causing death, to things that are objectively causing people to die. For example if there was a specific number or percent of people subscribing to a specific philosophy, that would trigger one to assume that their own strongly held beliefs were just that, beliefs, and not objective truth.

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  • November 15, 2022