Is by European countries' standards escaping from a military draft a basis for refugee status?

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Mar 09, 2022 12:58 PM 0 Answers
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Some European countries including mine have laws allowing to draft men (and women of some professions) into the military when the current situation warrants it.
Although the current situation in Ukraine probably won't evolve into an all-out NATO-Russia war that would warrant it, there is a risk.

If such war started and I (not wanting to die in a war) fled to another European Union country could I reasonably hope that I would receive refugee status or at least not get sent back to my home country?

Would crossing the border against the law after I was banned from leaving the country due to the conscription change this?

I know that answer to this question may depend on the specific country, but information on any country in European Union would be valuable to me.

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