Is AfD officially considered a “Nazi” party by German courts?

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In Have any prominent politicians in the West called for Ukraine to surrender territory to Russia? user @o.m. states that:

He is a member of the German parliament for the AfD, a nazi party. (Some comments questioned the characterization. So did leading AfD members, who sued for defamation and failed.) Also a prominent member of the opposition.

In comments the following lawsuit is quoted as the basis of this claim:

A German court on Wednesday rejected a request by a leader of the
nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party for an interim
injunction against the re-airing of a television program in which the
moderator called her a “Nazi b***h.”

The Hamburg District Court ruled that satire was secured by the right
to freedom of expression, and as a public figure, senior AfD member
Alice Weidel must “put up with exaggerated criticism”, the court said
in a statement.

The broadcaster NDR’s “extra 3” satire program on April 27 aired a
section of Weidel’s speech to her party congress a week earlier in
which she had railed against political correctness.

However its not clear if the court actually believes AfD to be a "Nazi party" or if it merely allowed that particular phrase to be used in a satirical context. Have there been other lawsuits in Germany which affirmed that AfD is indeed a "Nazi party"? As a corollary, have there been lawsuits where other parties were called Nazi and the courts ruled that using such words against them is unacceptable?

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  • July 18, 2022