Is a global democracy inevitable in the 21st century? [closed]

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Earth is becoming flat, there are no real borders on the internet. Some global problems would require a global decision making process by global majorities to mitigate, in order to avoid suboptimal outcomes according to the prisoners dilemma.
These suboptimal outcomes we can see in everyday life. Some examples:

  • persistence of tariff regimes resulting in suboptimal overall economic output
  • no efficient internalization of external economic effects of e.g. plastic pollution or other forms of environmental pollution
  • persistence of the possibility of war between nations, resulting in net loss of human life and happiness potential
  • extinction of wildlife species due to inefficient global protection measures
  • offloading of dangerous pollution into countries with weak/corrupt governance

My expectation is therefore the emergence of a global policy making mechanism, leading towards the end of the century to the establishment of a global republican and federal form of government, guaranteeing local decision power to local political entities in the federation according to the subsidiarity principle (what can be decided on local level, has to be decided on local level). This development towards a global democracy is threatened by strong autocratic (tyrannic) forms of local government, most notably Russia and China, but also the whole Arabic world. However in the long term autocratic forms of polities cannot prevail without sustained violence against the own population. They are also contingent on a low level of eduction and always require external threat scenarios, which would become obsolete in a global political entity.

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  • July 24, 2021