In what ways will the Russian-Ukraine war benefit/harm the United States?

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At the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war this year (2022), I have seen rumors on Twitter saying that the United States could actually benefit from Russia's possible invasion into Ukraine. For example, the invasion and the promised sanctions on Russia will boost the oil and natural gas exports of the U.S. and that the U.S. will be able to sell more weapons to Europe and Ukraine. In addition, the invasion will make NATO more united around the U.S.

So, if we set aside what is morally correct, in what ways will the United States actually benefit or be harmed from Russia-Ukraine war? To avoid this question falling into "opinion-based" category, I am asking the benefit/damage separately. One does not have to make any judgement or even argue whether the benefit is bigger than the damage or the other way.

Update: I changed some wording of this question to make it more answerable. Previously the title was "will the United States benefit from Russian-Ukraine conflict?", which brought some controversy.

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