In the wake of the 2014 Iraqi army disintegration in front of ISIS, did the US make changes to how it trained such forces, esp. in Afghanistan?

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Although some are shocked by the disintegration of Afghan army in front of the Taliban, I for one wasn't too surprised given the 2014 precedent provided by the US-trained Iraqi army, which disintegrated in front of ISIS, in somewhat similar circumstances, i.e. the US had completely pulled off all its ground troops (and air bases) from Iraq at the time.

Much has been written in US military circles in terms of analyses and "lessons learned" from that 2014 debacle.

I'm curious however if any of that has translated into changes in how the US trained (or picked) its allies in countries like Iraq and (particularly) Afghanistan. Or were any desirable changes simply deemed infeasible due to them depending too much on the local government's cooperation etc.?

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  • August 16, 2021