Illinois Presidential primaries

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When voting in a primary in Illinois, there is a selection choose one of
"Donald Trump, John McCain", Mit Romney" or "Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders" (these are just examples and I don't mean it was the same election). You would choose from one party

But then you have to choose your delegates (I will just illustrate from one party here):
Joe Schmoe (Clinton)
Bob Barnes (Clinton)
Jenny James (Clinton)
Pete Peters (Obama)
Lisa Lisarski (Obama)
Kevin Cevin (Obama)
Doug Douglas (Sanders)
Sam Samuels (Sanders)
Linda Lynne (Sanders)

And you vote for several of them. (Again this is just an example and not real delegate names).

So I am confused. Say you vote Obama in the primary, then what do you do with the delegates? What is the point? What if you vote for delegates other than for Obama? Or say you vote for the delegates to determine whom you want for the nomination. Then what is the point of voting for the actual candidate? Can't they conflict?

Please note. This is NOT the electoral college, but rather the presidential primary.

Also, I don't need to say that because I used candidates' names above does not mean I voted for them but does also not mean I didn't vote for them.

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  • October 3, 2022