If Russia plans to demilitarize Ukraine, does that mean (e.g.) they plan to take over or dismantle the Kharkiv tank factory (and design bureau)?

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Ukraine has inherited (from Soviet times) the Morozov design bureau and the Malyshev (tank) factory, both located in Kharkiv. These have been responsible for a non-trivial amount of armored vehicles, even in post-Soviet times, e.g. some 300 T-80UD have been exported to Pakistan from Ukraine.

I know that the Kremlin has been pretty vague in official communiques what they mean in practice by "denazification and demilitarization" of Ukraine, but often enough Kremlin insiders have intimated on Russian TV one thing or the other about their personal vision on various things. So, I'm curious if Ukraine's arms production facilities have factored into any such discussion on Russian state or state-proxy media (which in Russia nowadays means most TV and newspapers). Have there been concrete proposals aired in Russian media, from politically influent sources, what to do with Ukraine's arms production facitlies?

(N.B. according to Al-Jazeera, Russians are the majority in Kharkiv, and there was even an insurrection attempt in the city in 2014. So, I guess just annexing the city is a distinct possibility for Russia.)

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