If it weren't for the humans' affection of shiny metals, how would trading function like?

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Say humans, for some reason didn't like gold or silver(altough it isn't as accepted as gold anyway) at all, in this case, how would the term currency would come to be? Would it function like how most currencies work nowawadays? ( Based on "Trust" without any kind of real world liquid materials whatsoever ) or would humans find a way to use resources (like iron or something with actual value as you can produce stuff from it) as a basis for exchange?(altough huge gluctations in supply and hence value) or would they just declare something "fake gold" and control it's supply that so it is as universal as gold? (something like this)

also a side question, would gold prices theoratically plummet if someone were to put a huge amount of gold into the circulation of economics that they extracted?

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  • January 12, 2022