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If instances of electoral fraud were found, or suspected, in a presidential election, what would be the constitutional procedure for resolution?

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Jul 01, 2022 11:30 PM 0 Answers
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The Trump administration seemed to be of the view that if they could show that a state had suffered electoral fraud, the Vice President or the Attorney General could simply demand that those states submit alternate slates of electoral college voters - and ones sympathetic to the incumbent president.

This would seem to me to be of unlikely validity as a constitutional procedure.

So in circumstances where there really was clear evidence of fraud having taken place on a scale that had affected the result, what would have been the correct procedure for the Vice President to have followed, before confirming the result?

In 2000, I recall the Supreme Court ordered the counting of the Florida votes to cease - thereby awarding the White House to Bush. So had Trump had a genuine case for saying the result e.g of the Geogia ballots were fraudulent, should the matter have gone to the Supreme Court?

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