Ideas of a truth that sustains? [migrated]

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Given the modern day age of misinformation. Surely someone has pondered and tested their ideas of a truth that sustains. Where can I read more about these ideas?


This ted talk shows

... A global crisis of fake news and disinformation. Which meant our
free knowledge movement really sort of stood alone. At the same time
we saw a collapse in public trust around the world in many of our
civic institutions ... People around the globe are increasingly
skeptical in the ability of these institutions to respond to our
future challenges and changing needs. And yet trust in wikipedia
actually went up!

She proceeds to introduce concepts like Minimum viable truth, constructive friction, user empowerment and diversity, etc as a means to achieve this.

Then there are others like ground news which empower the reader by many providing many perspectives.

I'm guessing given the importance of this someone must have already written a book or thesis about an enduring, nuanced perspective of truth. Where can I read more about this?

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