Hungary — What’s the rationale behind voting about not voting about Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO accession?

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Oct 03, 2022 04:52 PM 0 Answers
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Today, the quasi opposition motioned the formal legislation to vote on a formal bill introduced outlining the ratification of Hungary’s sister states in the EU, Finland and Sweden to NATO. (This bill was proposed by the supermajority of MP’s manually selected and controlled by Orban with power to amend, repeal and reinstate the formal constitution)

Despite their own formal bill, the formal speaker of the formal assembly denied putting the bill to a vote. Then the formal opposition moved to overturn the formal decision of the speaker by a formal vote, but the Orban supermajority formally voted to not put the question of the sister state’s accession to a vote.

What might possibly be Orban’s rationale to have his representatives in the formal legislation so cast their formal vote other than trying to give Putin a little more time to potentially turn the tide, and get everyone “reasonable” about whether NATO should want to let Sweden or Finland among its ranks?

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  • October 3, 2022