How well is the military represented in Russia's parliament?

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Russian President Vladimir Putin recently declared a "partial mobilisation", hoping to add 300,000 more soldiers to the war in Ukraine. Russia's opposition (such as Nemtsov and Navalny) have long argued that Putin's government are corrupt and out of touch with the lives of most Russians. Given that conscription has affected so many young men across Russia's history, to see whether this is a shared burden is an important political question.

It has been noted that Russia's poorest regions and ethnicities have suffered disproportionate causalities in the war. Which makes me wonder, to what extent are the Russian military represented in the Duma? By politicians or their family? In other countries aristocrats often serve in the military, and have done so for generations. But while Russia has oligarchs, they don't have an aristocracy comparable to say the United Kingdom or United States.

Part of what provoked this question was a video of a town hall meeting with a regional governor in March. Sergey Tsivilev (governor of Kuzbass, Siberia) was trying to calm the families of conscripts who hadn't heard anything from their sons. One irate mother asked: "where is your son, by the way?" to which he said: "my son is studying at university."

In places like the United Kingdom, the fact conscription affected young men irrespective of class in the First World War had significant social and political consequences after the war ('Homes for Heroes' etc). So it's not unreasonable to ask what's going on.

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  • September 21, 2022