How to interpret 'economic zones'? [closed]

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This was an exam question conducted in Feb 2019:

write an Essay on
"New war fronts lie in economic zones."

Since the question seemed to be open ended, to me at least, I would like to know what should be the outline of the essay?

I am confused since "economic zones" has multiple meanings (special economic zones, exclusive economic zones or more general meaning new wars will be based on economic progress).

I took a more generic approach in this essay that modern war will be fought based on economic might strength (citing examples of sanctions, NAFTA trade deal, China and US Trade war [Tarrifs and Intellectual Property Rights], South China Sea Conflict, CAATSA Act, Sanctions on Korea and Iran, Stronger economies means advance weaponry). I did highlight Pakistan Indian CPEC and Chabahar Port and Economic Conflict since the exam paper was for Pakistan. In the end I mentioned position of Pakistan in this new war front of economic zone, citing Pakistan Twin Deficit issue etc.

So my question is what does this topic actually mean?

Note: I have been asked by Stack Exchange Writing to direct this question to economics or politics forum. I have asked this question on economics stack exchange but have not got any response yet.

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  • April 12, 2019