How to influence or recall a school district board? [closed]

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The local school district board quite openly acts contrary to most parents' opinions, verifiably lies to the parents on board meeting, mutes parent participation on open board meetings (that are currently on zoom), and in many ways acts in rather offensive manner toward the parents and, given their decisions, with no regard to the kids' well-being. It would seem that the board members believe that they can do whatever they want with impunity. There are too many examples of contempt to enumerate.

And indeed, none of the parents I have talked to have any idea how to exert any influence at all at what happens in the district schools. There seems to be no local election for that. For example, the supervisor recently retired, but rather than being elected, the new supervisor was appointed by the school district board, the same school district board he is going to supervise.

Some parents raised the possibility of a class action lawsuit against the school district, but that would take years and would end up costing taxpayers (thus the parents) rather than the board members, and by the time any lawsuit would conclude most current kids would graduate. Other parents suggested to hit the schools' income by threatening to organize massive non-attendance (which is tied to schools' finances), but that would jeopardize the kids' education.

Thus the questions:

How can the parents influence the local school board decision if the school board members act with complete contempt toward the parents?

Are school board members permanently entrenched in their position or the parents can force a recall and an election?

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  • July 29, 2021