How many TB2 drones has Ukraine bought, and how many it was planning to buy?

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I've read that Russia was particularly upset by Ukraine using Turkish TB2 against Donbass separatists in September 2021.

Perhaps Russia was weary of its armed Donbass allies suffering a fate comparable to how Armenia a fared against Azerbaijan in 2020, i.e. a barely mitigated defeat of a conventional Russian-style force against a drone-heavy force. (The effect of the Turkish drones alone is a bit unclear to me given that Azerbaijan also had 200+ Israeli-made drones, mostly of the loitering munition variety. But the TB2 is what the press and Russian diplomacy likes to focus on. Apparently Azerbaijan only had 24 TB2s when that conflict started.)

So how many TB2s has Ukraine bought and how many was it planning to buy in the near future, if known?

I found some data on Wikiepdia, but it's citing 2019 sources to say:

Ukrainian Air Force – 6 operational and 48 more have been ordered.

Any more up-to-date sources than that? Especially since Russia has apparently been pressing Turkey to stop the sales.

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  • February 25, 2022