How many Russians say Alaska is rightfully theirs?

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There is a theory proposed by at least one Russian political scientist that the treaty by which the Russian Empire sold Alaska to the US is actually void, on the argument that the US subsequently violated some provisions regarding the Russian population in the region.

Gorodnenko says the US had promised former Russian nationals based in Alaska guarantees of “the enjoyment of freedom, property rights and the practice of their faith.” But after a short time, all Russian-language schools were closed, and teachers were punished for educating Russian-speaking children.

In 1927, the US authorities proclamated the American Orthodox Church in Alaska, as opposed to the Russian Orthodox Church and gave the American Church – considered schismatic by Russia the ability to introduce religious changes considered sinful by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Gorodnenko states that “The descendants of the inhabitants of Russian Alaska are discriminated against. The territory transferred to the United States has not developed. This means that the treaty between the US and Russia should be considered invalid. Russian Alaska is subject to return.”

Are there any polls on how widespread this type of belief is in Russia, i.e. practical ability to recover it notwithstanding, how many Russians say Alaska is rightfully theirs?

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