How many Russian politicians send their own children to the war in Ukraine?

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Today Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a "partial mobilisation", hoping to add 300,000 more soldiers to the war in Ukraine. This follows the success of Ukraine's counter-offensive, reclaiming much land around Kharkiv. The exact number of Russian deaths is unknown, with estimates varying from around 6,000 (Russia) to 25,000 (USA), to 55,000 (Ukraine). At any rate, things apparently aren't going to plan for the Kremlin.

It has been noted that Russia's poorest regions and ethnicities have suffered disproportionate causalities. Which makes me wonder, are any of Russia's pro-war politicians willing to send their own children into battle?

  1. How many Russian politicians have children serving in the armed forces?

  2. Of those, how many of these politicians are pro-Putin, and how many of their children have fought in Ukraine?

  3. A useful comparison may be with another nation, such as the USA's House of Representatives/Senate and deployments in Afghanistan/Iraq.

Edit: To clarify and reduce scope, we can limit 'politicians' to refer to members of the Duma. Part of what provoked this question was a video of a town hall meeting with a regional governor in March. Sergey Tsivilev (governor of Kuzbass, Siberia) was trying to calm the families of conscripts who hadn't heard anything from their sons. One irate mother asked: "where is your son, by the way?" to which he said: "my son is studying at university."

In response to some downvotes and close votes: seems a fair question to ask, as much as pointing out how many American politicians dodged the draft in the Vietnam War (Bush Jr, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, etc).

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  • September 21, 2022