How many Britons consider that Brexit has negatively affected them, now that COVID has been mostly contained?

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According to this Financial Times movie, the UK has been significantly economically impacted by Brexit. According to them, this became clearer after COVID had been largely contained, but its economic consequences are still combined with those created by the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

The UK's recent disastrous "mini" Budget can trace its origins back to
Britain's decision to leave the European Union. The economic costs of
Brexit were masked by the Covid-19 pandemic and the crisis in Ukraine.
But six years after the UK voted to leave, the effect has become
clear. In this film, senior FT writers and British businesspeople
examine how Brexit hit the UK economy, the political conspiracy of
silence, and why there has not yet been a convincing case for a
'Brexit dividend'.

However, the film seems to cherry-pick a few persons to speak about Brexit economical consequences and I am not sure if this is representative of the entire population.

This IPSOS survey from March 2021 indicates that most Britons say Brexit has made no difference to their daily life (~60%), with only about ~30% mentioning that they had been negatively affected. However, this survey is rather old, since it does not take into account the post-COVID economical recovery.

Is there a more recent similar survey that shows how Britons feel about the economical consequences of Brexit?

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  • October 26, 2022