How is RT biased regarding Ukraine war?

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RT and Sputnik are being banned in the EU, so I guess the question is now moot. I will ask it to be closed

Disclaimer: I am French and only have a fleeting interest in what is happening in Ukraine (besides of course the terrible human aspect). I am interested in my question in expertise in cold-headed media analysis

Russia invaded Ukraine today (2022-02-24) and I had a look at RT (Russia Today) to have a feeling about how this event is reported from the Russian perspective (at least in an internationally-oriented medium).

I could not find anything that would be obvious propaganda and when I read some articles, they sounded more or less like the ones we have at home.

My question: how is RT supporting Russia in the war, through some specific articles that are intended to shape a pro-Rusian perspective?

Following the comments, I took the headlines of RT (2022-02-24 12:13 UTC) and compared to the French ones. My point is that they are not different from French ones (in contrast to the ones internal to Russia, in Russian, see below).


  • Russia responds to Kiev cutting diplomatic ties
  • EU vows ‘strongest, harshest’ sanctions against Russia
  • China comments on Russian operation in Ukraine
  • Belarus responds to claims its troops invaded Ukraine
  • Oil breaches $105 as Russia-Ukraine conflict intensifies
  • Lithuania to declare state of emergency

(I just noticed on the front page "‘War criminals’ go straight to hell, Ukrainian UN ambassador tells Russia")

In contrast to RT, the Russian-speaking internal journals are clearly biased. TV France Monde did a round of them(FR) and mentions that

Force est de constater que peu de journaux parlent en Une de leur site d'une guerre, et préfère citer le Donbass plutôt que l'Ukraine, reprenant la terminologie du président russe.

"Poutine a annoncé l’entrée de troupes dans le Donbass", titre le journal moscovite Kommersant. De même pour le quotidien en ligne qui suit "l'opération militaire spéciale de la Russie dans le Donbass". Ce quotidien en ligne souligne que "selon les premières informations, des explosions sont entendues à Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa et d'autres grandes villes du pays, elles viennent des unités militaires des forces armées ukrainiennes".

This translates to the fact that Russian journals only mention Donbass (eastern Ukraine) and claim that the explosions in western Ukraine come from the Ukrainian army.

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