How is leadership important in fighting climate change? [closed]

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How come we are aware of these potential challenges coming our way, witnessing its damage to people, and still do not take the corrective action and tackle the problem with all necessary measures? The answer to this is easy while its solution is complex. The planet can be seen as a collective good, and the logic that follows can be characterized by the following sentence: If I will not be excluded from the collective good, why would I contribute to it?

I found that people always work towards their self gains, use resources but do not care about giving back to nature, they are suspected of graft.

The harm of human actions to our climate might not be felt by the person or company committing the act – but instead take shape in a different country

this thesis argues that the collective action problem of
responding to climate change requires strong leadership in order to be disentangled. This, partly because global collective problems require multilateral collective action

Question: Managing, handling, minimizing, etc., of natural resources is best accomplished through collective action. How can collective action be promoted by credible leadership? And how is leadership important in the above context?

Source: The need for leadership on Climate Change

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  • January 27, 2022