How is current Russian invasion of Ukraine different from what USA has done in past multiple times so that it has resulted in this much protest?

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Mar 02, 2022 07:14 AM 0 Answers
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I see almost everyone protesting the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

It includes the USA too.

But the USA has a history of invasions or wars which also resulted in civilians deaths and violated human rights.

And there's no guarantee what a country would do in future.

So I see a lot of people calling it hypocritical that Russia is doing somewhat what the USA has always done in past and won't hesitate to do it again in future.

Of course, past actions by the USA don't justify the Russian invasion.

So I want to know, is this current invasion significantly different from what the USA has done in past?

I mean what are some main reasons that Russia is being protested and sanctioned this much while the USA wasn't.

If yes, how do the USA or NATO justify protesting the Russian invasion given that they also have a history of human rights violation and civilians deaths?

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