How exactly does China benefit from its belligerent foreign policy and BRI initiatives? [closed]

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This is a question that struck and has stuck with me for a long time. As per the relatively naive mind that I have in geopolitics, China fervently invests in the BRI in economically weaker countries like Pakistan and buffer states like Nepal. Its belligerence against the west and India is oblivious to none. It is also known for its 'debt-trap initiative', in which the terms of a loan are not disclosed to any international organization/third parties and the interest rate is exorbitant, making economically weaker countries unable to pay the loan and in return, lease strategic locations to China.

I question, if this is the case, why are financially weak countries inclined towards taking loans from China? What is so special about China?

Secondly, how does its belligerent and expansionist policy work out in a world where the international community preaches democracy and human rights? What benefits does China get from following a belligerent and (arguably) expansionist foreign policy? Why is it so hostile to its neighbours like India and superpowers like the US? Also, Why is it so profoundly against free speech, democracy and human rights?

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  • October 4, 2022