How does US Army Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton (ret) get to a “Look, you're attacking NATO… and we're going to consider our options to attack” scenario? [closed]

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In CNN's April 5 2022 'The Russians are gone': What this image says about Russia's strategy after about 03;26 US Army Maj. Gen. (ret) Paul Eaton says (my best-effort transcription, there are no closed-captions available at this time):

Eaton: We need to prioritize the effort we have. Odessa needs to be our main effort, if we loose Odessa, that is a significant blow economically to the Ukrainian people, and we've got to deny that.

We need to see more activity from NATO's naval forces...

CNN: Out here in the Black Sea? NATO forces out in the Black Sea?

Eaton: Absolutely. Absolutely. And a clear threat to Mr. Putin there; open up something else for him to consider in Kaliningrad - outside the port city of Kaliningrad where he keeps his Baltic Fleet. A little bit more aggressive...

A lot of us though we need to present multiple problems to President Putin, but the first is the Black Sea, where I have seen reports that the Russians are laying mines outside of Bulgaria, and this is opening up an opportunity to say "Look, you're attacking NATO, and we are moving NATO forces - naval forces, and we're going to consider our options to attack."

Question: How does Eaton get from (the possibility of) Russian mines in the Black Sea outside of Bulgaria to moving in NATO naval forces to "you're attacking NATO" and subsequently NATO's "options to attack"?

Presumably there must be some logic and/or military strategy behind Eaton's proposal based on the facts of the situation. "A lot of us though we need to present multiple problems to President Putin" potentially refers to a group of retired military experts, but I can't be sure about that.

But to me it seems the idea is to drive NATO naval vessels into a known minefield and then complain about it. Am I missing something?

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  • April 4, 2022