How did the mail become such a sacred right in the US?

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Larry Lawton is a favourite YouTuber of mine. He tells the story of while he was in prison he asked his father why he stopped writing him letters. His father told him that he never stopped sending him letters, he then said to his father he thinks the prison is tampering with his mail.

His father then said he would handle it. The post office then said that they have some sort of mail tampering test that they can do to see if mail is getting to its intended receiver. It turned out that the prison official was indeed tampering with the mail. The post master general of the area then decided that every inmate at the facility would from then on have their mail delivered in person by a post officer and no prison official would ever handle inmates' mail again. A lot of prison officials, including the warden, lost their jobs as a consequence during the process.

This story being good and all did make me think that Americans take the mail very seriously. Makes me wonder if taking a baseball bat to someone's mailbox would get you 20 years. Why does the US take crimes against your inbox so seriously? It all seems rather strange to me.

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  • September 16, 2021