How did Russia suddenly change from being an atheist country to being a Christian country?

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I know that religious faith is a personal thing, some people have a stronger
faith than others, and for some people religion is more a matter of
cultural identity than personal conviction. Also how much politicians talk about religion (or brief journalists about it) can be influenced by how it is likely to be received by their electorate.

But, all that said, it does seem remarkable that the former communist country which was officially atheist and sought to make life difficult for religious believers (albeit under Mikhail Gorbachev using less brutal means than formerly) should now have a mainly Christian population.

Were the majority under communist rule secret Christians who have now come out in the open? Are the majority who now profess Christianity simply following a cultural movement without personal conviction? Or has there been a mass conversion from atheism to Christianity?

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  • December 4, 2021