How did Nixon's resignation affect the voters who had supported him?

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There are a lot of Americans who wear MAGA hats. Theoretically, if President Trump were impeached, I wonder if they would continue to wear them? Would Trump go down like Robert E. Lee, losing, but maintaining the faithful base of devotees due to a hero? Or would they stop supporting him, and conveniently forget their prior support, sort of like how everyone today hates Kevin Spacey? (That is a rhetorical question; please do not endeavor to answer it.)

Consistent with this line of inquiry, I would like to know the following: What happened after Nixon? When he resigned, did the voters forget him and spit on his memory and move on? Or was he remembered fondly, even immediately afterward?

Please do not answer by debating whether Trump deserves to be or will be impeached. This is not an appropriate forum for that debate. My question is about the Nixon-Ford era, and is best answered from historical record, or from an American citizen who is old enough to remember.

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  • February 13, 2019