How could the NATO membership of Turkey and the USA be ended? [duplicate]

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NATO once had the aim of integrating Russia in the end. Only the USA pushed NATO against Russia. The USA has been the main partner of Turkey for a long time. Turkey is against the sanctions of Sweden and therefore complains about its planned membership although it is strange that Turkey is in NATO at all.

Without the Russian aggression in Ukraine, it would seem more natural - historically and future-wise - to have a European alliance with Russia against Turkey than the other way round. It is clear from the Turkish complaints about Swedish membership that NATO "should not need" Turkey. There should be more sanctions against Turkey. Have a look at the Turkish actions of the near and far history: their stand against Armenia, Turkey is still occupying Northern Cyprus and is itself an occupant historically. The Turkish political and also many more informal statements show a lot more.

As for the USA: they are a promoter of many wars, they do not have any long-time roots in their own country (apart from the indigenous tribes), have high heterogeneity of the people and seem to need enemies to find out who they are.

Since the USA is a long-term aggressor in the world and Turkey an aggressor in many unsolved stories: what would be needed to end the NATO membership of Turkey and the USA?

This question is not about whether it would be a wise decision. It is about how this could be done politically.

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